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                                                                                                We are Warriors, we challenge ourselves to win.
                                                                                                We are Warriors, we are respect ourselves and others.
                                                                                                We are Warriors, we are dedicated and committed.
                                                                                                We are Warriors in football and life.

 Nick jaquetnick jaquet youth

The London Warriors American Football Program prides itself on coaching and developing young people into highly capable football players, giving them the opportunity to be the best they can be. With our dedicated coaching staff, some of whom have had playing experience in the NFL it all starts in the same way as the Warriors did, with our youth and junior teams.

From 2007 Warriors Football has consisted of youth, junior and senior programs, from the age of 8 players are coached to compete, play fair and be ready for the next level. The focus of Warriors American Football always starts with our youth program, we challenge our players to find out what they are capable of and to develop good habits through the ideals of respect, dedication, discipline, competition, recognition and reward.


 Making the move from one level of football to the next can be tough on both the mental and physical level, whether the player is 14, 16 or 19 years of age your new team-mates and opposition are bigger, stronger, faster and louder, it’s not easy to dealing with these challenges. Our program helps prepare players for this move, teaching the necessary playing skills and character attributes that will serve them well on the football field as well as off it.


There are three players in the 2011 senior team that have run the Warrior program gauntlet and survived!  

 nick jaquet junior

niall youthQuarterback and Free Safety: Nick Jaquet , Linebacker: Niall Scott-Grant and Defensive Back: Daniel McKenzie have all been with the Warrior Nation through Youth U16 Kitted and Junior U19 Kitted, they are now part of a Warriors senior program that in their 4th year is challenging for championship honours in the BAFA Premiere Division. We wish Nick, Niall and Daniel well.



There are more Nicks, Nialls and Daniels coming through our Junior squad right now and yet more in the Youth programs behind them, players who are ready and willing to make the transition to the next level, watch this space, you’ll be seeing them very soon.


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