London Warriors American Football Programme


London Warriors American Football Programme.

The London Warriors American Football Program are always recruiting we have six  teams Adult Men’s, Adult Women’s, Junior (U19) Youth (U16) Kitted/Flag and Cadet (U12) Flag. 

What We Do

The Adult Men’s team play 11  side full contact American football, whilst the Adult Women’s Team a 5 on 5 version of the game, flag in winter and fully kitted in Autumn.

Junior(U19) play 9on 9 fully kitted version of the game, Youth (U16) play 5 on 5 Fully Kitted as well as a 5 on 5 flag version of the game. For Cadets (U12) they only play the 5 on 5 flag version.


The London Warriors have Helmets and Shoulder pads that we can lend to the Under 19 teams, We do openly encourage players to purchase their own equipment. We will advise and recommend appropriate equipment to the players, i.e..makes and sizes they require. Game day jerseys and pants are supplied and retained by the club.The player will need to supply their own footwear, training sweats and gum shield which is mandatory at all levels.


League Registration

As well as registering with the team the player also has to register with the league so they are insured to play and so they appear on the team roster.

Adult Player (19+) Registration= £35.00

Junior Player (U19) Registration = £25.00

Youth Kitted (U16) Registration = £20.00

Youth and Cadet Flag (U16) Registration = £15.50

(All fees must be paid to the league and not to the Warriors)

Other things you need to know


Playing Positions

During practice, players will be taught and encouraged to try all positions that they are physically suited to. When selecting players we take into account: ability, attitude, commitment to the team.


Practise Times

Junior, Youth and cadet training is held on Sundays from 10:00 to 12:00, followed by Adult training from 12:00-15:00. Women’s Adult team train on Saturday from 12.00- 15.00. These are subject to change depending on weather/circumstances. In the unlikely event of us having to cancel a session, players will be informed at earliest convenience.

Attendance is recorded at every training session and on game day.


Coaching Staff

All London Warrior coaches are volunteers


Team Membership


The Warriors are a non-profit organisation. Player membership is where the Warriors get their funding from. Membership and game day fees must be paid by all players to the club. Game day fees will be applied to cover travel costs and game day medical staff.

Membership Costs Cover:

  • Hire of equipment (Helmet and Shoulder Pads)
  • Football Practice equipment
  • Use of facilities
  • Access to trainers/physios
  • Hydration
  • Uniforms
  • Admin expenses