London Warriors American Football Programme

London Warriors American Football Programme.

The London Warriors Junior American Football Programme was Founded in 2005. The aim of the program is to develop players to a high standard of understanding of the game, teach discipline and responsibility to be great players and good people.  What about winning? Well, they determined that by doing the aims well, winning was a “by-product”, it is nice to have but it isn’t the driving force behind the programme.

The Junior Team

The Warrior Junior team is respected throughout UK football community having won the National Championship for 4 consecutive years, from their inception in 2005, up to and including 2008 and then another Championship in 2013.

In 2007 as the initial Warriors of 2005 became too old to play Junior football, they requested that we start a senior program so that they could stay within the Warrior family.


The Senior Team

In 2008 the Junior and the Senior teams appeared in the National finals at Doncaster’s Keepmoat Stadium where they both became National Champions loudly supported by each other and praised for bringing the fun back into American Football. After gaining promotion to Division 1 by going undefeated in their first ever season in the British American Football League, the senior team then followed their 2008 season by again gaining promotion to the Premiership with another undefeated season in 2009. It took a few attempts but by 2013 The senior team became National champions 4 times in all 2013 – 2016.

Womens Team

2014 was the start of the Womens flag team in 2015 the second year of existance they won the National Flag Championship. 2015 also was the start of the Womens kitted team. the first year they played in the 5 v 5 league and they were conference champions. They moved up to the National Division to play 7 v 7 so they can compete for the National Championship.



From 2005 to now the Warriors have evolved from just a Junior program to a program that caters for boys and girls from as young as 8+ introducing a fun loving sport in a safe and friendly environment.

Providing opportunities that ordinarily may not come their way with the great experience of learning and growing with other participants.

With experienced qualified coaches at every level we offer you the chance to play:

5 on 5 Flag Football - A non-contact simplified mini version of the game of American Football suitable for boys and girls of 8 years + played through the UK 

Youth Kitted Football - A simplified 5 on 5 version utilised to aid the transition from non-contact flag to full contact tackle football. For ages 14-16

Junior Kitted Football - 9 on 9 full contact American Football for the 16-19year olds.

Senior Kitted Football - 11 on 11 contact American Football for 18 years + 

As a NEW player, New coach or just a volunteer, you too can become a part of the London Warriors Family and experience where we believe that...