London Warriors American Football Programme


Flag football is a great introduction of getting into american football, the playing field is smaller than a regular American Football Field. The lenght of the field is 50 yards, with an additional 10 yards for the endzones. The field is marked up into sections two 20 yard halfs and two 5 yard no run zones before the end zone. No running plays can be called if the play is starting with in the No Run Zones, Only pass plays are permitted. Rules for this game is slighlty different from regular American Football.

The offense starts from thier own 5 yard line, they have 4 chances to get over the half way line (20 Yards) either by running or passing the ball. All four players are eligible receivers that includes the centre that snaps the ball. The QB has 7 seconds to pass the ball or hand the ball off to a running back. The QB cannot run with the ball. If the offense then gains a first down they then have 4 chances to score a touchdown, again by either running or passing the ball. If a play starts from outside the no run zone but the player get tackle in the no run zone the next play that starts in the no run zone has to be a pass.

If the offense fails to gain a first down by crossing the half way line or fails to score the other teams offense gets the ball from thier own 5 yeard line. There are no special teams plays in flag football. If the defense gets a turn over, for example interception the QB's pass the oppositions offense will get the ball where ever they get tackled. A player is tackled when a flag is removed from the belt around the players waist. There is no Blocking, Jumping or Diving in the game.

If a team suceeds in reaching the endzone they score 6 points and have the option to add a further 1 or 2 points with an extra play. 1 extra point sees the play start at the 5 yards from the endzone and it must be a pass. 2 extra points sees the play start at the 12 yards from the end zone and can be either a run or pass play.



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